Surrendering your Cat

Are you a Puget Sound family that needs to find a new home for your cat? Purrfect Pals may be able to help you. It is important to be aware that Purrfect Pals receives up to 50 requests every day to place animals with us. Because of this, we are not able to take every single cat. We limit our intake based on our the current capacity of individual colony rooms and adoption rooms at our shelter.

We accept adoptable cats for placement in new homes. In all cases we encourage you to provide medical records (as complete as possible). It is also important to know that we will ask you for a donation to help with the care of your cat and the other cats at the shelter. Purrfect Pals spends, on average, about $375 per cat at our shelter. When surrendering your cat, we encourage you to make a final gift to your cat to ensure that your kitty and all the other kitties at Purrfect Pals continue to receive the best care possible. Your donation is NOT a requirement and the amount of your donation, if any, will have no bearing on our decision whether to accept your animal.

When space permits, we also accept special needs cats with illnesses such as FIV and FELV and older cats. Because these areas of our sanctuary are typically at capacity, it is important that you contact Purrfect Pals early so that we can advise you on our current capacity and whether we anticipate openings in the near future. If we do not have space for your cat, consider contacting other Puget Sound agencies that accept cats.

If we agree to take your cat, we will schedule and appointment with you. It is critical that you arrive at the required time, or call us if you are going to be late. The surrender process takes between 30 minutes and an hour on average. Under no circumstances can we accept a cat without an appointment.

Contact Purrfect Pals by phone to surrender your cat.

Returning a Purrfect Pals Cat

Please note: You do NOT need an appointment to return a cat you adopted from Purrfect Pals. Even if we are not accepting new cats, we will always take back a Purrfect Pals cat. Please email us at with any questions.